Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lizzy & Brad

My sister-in-law Lizzy was married last week in the Bountiful Temple. We were able to be there for the beautiful wedding. She made such a beautiful bride. We wish them the best. Lizzy we love you! Brad welcome to the family!


Also in my travels in the last couple of weeks I was able to go to Vegas to visit my sister in law for a couple of days. But the best of it was when I was able to spend the day with a great long lost friend. Roundy! She served her mission Missouri and I was able to spend a lot of time with her . She has made such an impression on me she always makes me feel wonderful. I just love you so much. I am so glad we met up. It was great to spend the day with you and your family. Taj baby your the cutest. Cathy I love your beautiful spunky personality. I am so sad we don't live closer to each other, but remember if you ever need to get a little vaca hit me up here in Cali.

NYC Baby!!

I finally got to go home a couple of weeks ago. I met up with my sister and got to spend time with my wonderful family for an entire week. We had a great time shopping and eating great Dominican food. Not to mention hitting some hot spots and kicking it in the Heights. I love my family. It always good to go back to your roots. Next time it won't be so long before I go back.

Chillin on Times Square after dinner at Carmines. The wait was definitely worth it. Had a great time with family and friends. But don't worry it wasn't over the night was still young!!

My cousins Mellisa and Danessa with my sister with me with friends at Jubilee. We had a great time!! Danessa te quiero!!

Cheesecake Factory! What could be better than my favorite place to eat with family in NYC! We had such a good time laughing and reminiscing. Gotta love the chicken costelleta my fav.

With Mellisa and Yajaira in the subway on the way downtown for a day of more shopping and fun. Sucks that we walked all day and never found that beautiful puma bag. But one good thing came out of it. Finding Blake his dumb atomic ball in a little toy shop off Broadway. Love you Mel thanks for spending the day with us. Keep your eyes open for the purse!!

Feliz Cumpleanos Tia!! Lucky enough to be in town for my aunt's b-day. We spent a great day together. Shopping in Manhattan eating at the Casa de Mofongo and going to Hibachi grill. Don't forget the best Dominican cake I have ever had. Love you Tia!!

Here we go....

Here we go! I have finally started our own blog. I love looking at everyones blogs and finally decided it was our turn. So here goes nothing!